Engaging copy for brochures, e-mail campaigns, technical reports, weekly blogs, and newsletters can re-energize the way businesses, universities, and non-profits reach their target audiences. In addition to these pieces, I also provide PowerPoint presentation and poster design services for conferences, lectures, and business meetings, customized to your target audience.


Writing is a powerful form of outreach and education that can spread awareness for non-profits, charities, environmental groups, and causes that rely on public support. I started my blog "Voice from the Sea" as a voice for my Masters research on artificial reefs and my experiences at sea. If you are part of any kind of worthy, interesting cause, I want to be your voice to share your story.

Outdoor Stories

Outdoor writing takes readers on adventures hunting and fishing around the world, and the experiences make for wonderful stories. When I have an experience, from accompanying a fossil diver in Georgia to fishing in the salt marshes of Cumberland Island, I want the reader to share in the experience. When people live your outdoor experiences through words, they will want to live them in person.

Scientific, Technical, and Grant Writing

If it has to do with science, I can write it, having published my undergraduate research on songbird vocal mimicry and my Masters thesis on artificial reefs. I also specialize in navigating the often-complex maze of grant writing, saving clients dozens, if not hundreds, of hours in understanding the grant manuals and taking the guesswork out of how to appeal to fundings agencies. I have a proven track record with the federally funded Recreational Trails Program and wrote the top-ranked grant in the 2014 grant cycle, and I am currently awaiting the results of my most recent 2016 grant. 

Whether you seek quantitative scientific writing, a voice for your cause, engaging stories about the great outdoors, or copywriting to help your business, my job is to reflect on paper the client's unique writing and marketing needs. Here are the categories of writing I can provide for you:

What Do I Write?