Check out some of our clients and past projects and see how The Naturalist's Quill can serve your writing needs.

Outdoor and Scientific Writing

Client: Sporting Classics Magazine, Nov/Dec 2013 and the Ronald McDonald House, Charleston , SC

Assignment: "Ronald McDonald Goes to Sea"

Client: Sporting Classics Magazine, Jan/Feb 2014 and Megateeth

Assignment: Craftsman Column

Client: Sporting Classics Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014

​Assignment: Wild Heritage column about Great White Sharks

Client: Sporting Classics Magazine and Cabin Bluff Corporate Retreat, Jan/Feb 2015 

Assignment: Lady in Reds

Client: Sporting Classics Daily Online Newsletter

Assignment: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Fishing Gear? and Essential Items for Backcountry Fly Fishing

Client: Hobie Cat Company

Assignment: A Hobie for a Honeymoon and How to Train Your Pedal Pooch


Client: Blog, "Voice from the Sea"

Assignment: "Voice from the Sea"

Client: Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium

Assignment: Wolf Puppy Blog, "The Puppy Press"

Client: Chota Outdoor Gear

Assignment: Bi-weekly blog, May 29th post

Client: Clearview Horse Farm

Assignment: Monthly blog/newsletter, April Newsletter

Client: ReelSonar, Inc.

Assignment: Biweekly blog, "Let's Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions!"


Client: KMT Creative Group

Assignment: Phone interviews and testimonal stories for United Way Online Community Report

Client: Timberluxe Wood Finishing Products

Assignment: Half-page Timberluxe Ad

Client: Clark Communications

Assignment: Toccoa Falls College Search Piece and Microsite

Assignment: Limestone MBA Postcards, Brochure, and Fact Sheet

Assignment: Website copy, Quick Facts Sheet, and Signature Marketing Brochure

Client: Tennessee State Parks

Assignment: Letter of support request for Recreational Trails Program grant Before and After


Grant Writing

Client: Montgomery Bell State Park (Funded for $200,000!)

Assignment: Recreational Trails Program grant for ADA-Accessible Trail

Client: Bledsoe Creek State Park

Assignment: KEEN Effects Grant

Client: Bledsoe Creek State Park

Assignment: Coca-Cola Foundation Grant

Client: Tims Ford State Park(Funded for $42,000!)

Assignment: Recreational Trails Program grant for"Tims Ford State Park Blueway and Trails Plan"

Client: Tims Ford State Park (Partially funded)

Assignment: Energy conservation grant Before and After

Client: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Charleston, SC

Assignment: "Stock delineation of Atlantic cobia fishery"

Client: Grice Marine Laboratory, Charleston, SC

Assignment: "Predator avoidance in damselfish"

Client: Elon University, Elon, NC

Assignment: "Effects of breath-hold diving on working and spatial memory"

​Editing Services

Client: Jim Carmichel, outdoor writer and retired Shooting Editor of Outdoor Life Magazine

Assignment: Transcription, proofreading, and minor edits of 26 typewriter manuscripts for Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field

"When a Lion Comes to Kill You" Excerpt

Client: Michael Altizer, graphic designer and Sporting Classics editor/column writer

Assignment: Proofreading and editing for two hunting and fishing books: The Last Best Day: A Trout Fisher's Perspective and Nineteen Years to Sunrise

PowerPoint Presentations and Posters

Client: Grice Marine Laboratory, Charleston, SC
Assignment: Thesis Defense Excerpt

Client: Tennessee State Parks
Assignment: "Nature's Housekeeping: Prescribed Burns"